Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe ( 1998 )


Industrial Metal








Rob Zombie, the former lead singer of the band White Zombie and director of horror movies such as “Halloween”, is best described by the word “character”, which inevitably comes to the mind of people who are familiar with his activity. Released in 1998,  “Hellbilly Deluxe” is the album which marks the beginning of his solo career and a perfect description of his unique and wacky style.

“Call of the Zombie”, the opening track of this album, sets a dark atmosphere in which the listener is transported one song at a time. It features the voice of a little girl reciting a creepy poem that reminds of old horror movies. Angry-sounding guitar riffs and drums follow on the song “Superbeast”, making this album a true industrial metal piece of music. Rob Zombie explores themes like monsters, death, phantoms and, of course, zombies. However, this dark aesthetic style has a fun twist to it, like most of the artist’s projects.

Perhaps the most popular track from this album is “Dragula”, a song that holds power in the instrumental part, as well as in the lyrics. From a subjective point of view, I can say that the beats are pretty addictive, making this song one that can be found on repeat in many playlists.

On some songs, Rob’s amazing voice is also accompanied by female screams, like in a typical horror film.

The album also contains ambiental tracks such as “Perversion 99”, meant to take the listener deeper into the spooky-fun atmosphere created by the lyrics.

“Return of the Phantom Stranger” is also a great proof of Rob Zombie’s musical talent, combining industrial metal beats and instrumentals with the sound of bells and backing vocals that complete the song, leaving the fans with a feeling of curiosity, making them wonder what hides beyond the music.

The album ends with “The Beginning of the End”, a loud and powerful track, with sounds that seem to describe the epilogue of a terrifying experience.

“Hellbilly Deluxe” is a must-have item for die-hard industrial fans and people who are just beginning to experiment industrial music alike. An epic material which stands out mostly because of the moods it generates track by track, Rob Zombie’s “Hellbilly Deluxe” truly is an irresistible experience!




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