Razed In Black – Damaged ( 2003 )



Industrial/ Electronic/ EBM/ Trance






Romell Regulacion, one of the most experienced musicians when it comes to the techo area, is the founding member and creative force behind Razed In Black, the increasingly popular Hawaiian electronic project. Born in the summer or 1994, Razed In Black represents a more aggressive approach of the previously synthpop oriented music designed by Regulacion. Skillfully combining elements of trance, industrial, goth and electro, the band fits perfectly in the description of new millennium synthetic music.  Labeling this kind of complexity and including it in only one genre category is impossible, given the vast influences that made their way intro the creative process, giving birth to the unique sound of Razed In Black.

Released in 2003, “Damaged” is, most definitely, the band’s most impressive material so far, an album that takes electronic music to a whole new level. Although pretty much lacking in diversity from one song to another, it makes up by incorporating many aspects that intertwine divinely into every single track. Razed In Black’s hypnotic sound is defined by pulsating beats, spiced with alluring and catchy synth lines, aggressive guitar riffs and lyrics of great intensity. All track feature fresh an exhilarating dance/trance basic melodic line, which makes them suitable for any club that has the decency to play good quality music.

“Damaged” consists of 2 discs, the first one being a full-length album of 11 tracks and the second one featuring 8 remixes of the original songs. As a bonus, “Damaged” the live performance “Master” and “Overflow”, composed by a bunch of video track created by fans all over the US.  This surprise from the record label offers fans the opportunity to see Razed In Black in action… and it is amazing!

The majority of the songs found on “Damaged” are fast-tempo and densely layered, mixing the clean sounds of synthesizers with the rawness of metal guitar and keyboards that make your brain scream of pleasure. Romell Regulacion’s experience in this field can not be denied. The tracks that average 5 minutes in play time are intelligent hybrids of electronic music that you rarely come across with other bands. The strongest pieces on the album are “Visions”, “There Goes My Head”, “Leave It All Behind” or “Am I 2 Blame?”, but every track deserves undivided attention.

While the artistry of the first disc is close to perfection, being extremely seductive, dark, but at the same time, invigorating, some of the original feeling of the songs is lost in the remixing process. Coated with a bass line that is a bit too heavy, the remixes found on the second disc lack the greatness expressed through the distinctive sound of the original Razed In Black compositions. Don’t get me wrong, artists like Assemblage 23, Sonic State, Neikka RPM, Eve of Destiny, Inertia and DJ Misguided succeeded in doing a very good job, but it’s hard to take something that is already marvelous and try to make it better. This goes to show, once again, that Razed In Black is a band that displays exquisite talent, skill and power of expression.

Razed In Black’s fifth studio album, “Damaged”, takes defining bits from both industrial and trance music, sowing them together with expertise and finesse to create one of the most brilliant album the electronic scene has seen in a long time.



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