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From the first time I discovered T3chn0ph0b1a, I was fascinated by them! I was really impressed with the perfect symbiosis between smashing electronic elements and aggressive metal. The unique sound of T3chn0ph0b1a is a surprise for many listeners who have tried, but failed to find bands fit for comparison. I wanted to find out more about these guys, so when I got the opportunity to interview their frontman, H. J. Mazend, I was more than thrilled. Fans of industrial metal all over the world, get ready to meet T3chn0ph0b1a!

1. Hello! First of all, me and many other fans are wondering: why T3chn0ph0b1a instead of simply Technophobia? What inspired you to chose this name for the band?

Hello humans!
We chose the name with ‘leet language’ ‘cause, if you take a look at the numbers
(3-0-0-1), they compose the future year, 3001 a.d., from where we come, traveling through time, according to our alien concept, from our homeland, planet Sidera.
I know it’s difficult to write down and to spell, and it may appear kinda cryptic, but we gave to this name some hidden cabalistic-like meanings I’ll explain, maybe, in some new songs.
The word, meaning the dislike and the fear of technology in modern era, sounded cool, ’cause we make a large-scale use of modern devices to play our music; it’s like asking to the listener: are you afraid of us? Are you afraid of our alien race from outer space in our ongoing mission to destroy humankind? Or wanna join our side?

2. The band dates back to 2003. How did you and all the guys meet? Were there any line-up changes during the years?

I’m the founding member, together with 5k0tt, we have known each other since our childhood and, in 2003, we recruited some musicians to form the band. During the last years we had some line-up changes, we changed two bass players, we had until 2009 an additional keyboard player, and we switched, a couple of years ago, from a drum machine to a real drummer. The actual line-up consists of me, Snuff 238 Mazend, on vocals, 5k0tt Mazend (guitars, synths programming and production), RadikAl 9k (keyboards & live synths), Dorian Redrum (drums) and Von Cyberskin (bass guitar).

3. How would you describe your musical style in a few words?

“Dancefl-Horror Music”, of course! This term explains how we aim at the Rock or Electro dancefloor but with some raw, evil, decadent and shocking attitude. You can describe it as Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock, Electro-Metal, but, it’s a musical hybrid, for sure…we wanted to produce something powerful and out of every standard and ordinary genre. We prefer to stay out of every musical definition or label, we want to sound different, that’s the point.

4. What are your favorite bands? Did any of these bands influence you in deciding to make music?

I can’t tell if something influenced my music, I listen to tons of different genres, my favorite bands are The Meteors, Type O Negative, Ramones, Misfits, Motorhead and many good old country singers, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and George Jones, for example…I listen mainly to punk ‘77, oi and hardcore bands, in metal music I prefer the old thrash bands or Venom-like bands but I love also the traditional doom and some stoner. Then, it depends on the moment and the mood…lately on my ipod you can exclusively find Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, a couple of AC/DC albums, Electric Wizard discography, the latest Murderdolls album, some legendary anarcho-punk bands (like Zounds) and also Roky Erickson and other similar psychedelic rock artists.
Talking about Industrial Metal, in my opinion the best bands of the genre are The Kovenant, KMFDM and Deathstars.

5. Tell me a little about T3chn0ph0b1a’s beginnings. How was “Albedo Level: 0%” born? And since it was a self-produced material, how long did it take for you to complete it?

It happened really fast, we formed the band and we recorded the four songs, in just three days. Two songs were composed the night before starting the recordings (I can’t remember which one, but I guess “Wrapped In Eternit” and “Aliena Ferox”) and the last song lyrics, “H.T.M.L. (Heavenly Territories Might Lie)”, were composed just some minutes before I entered the studio to record it. Then we mixed it and published on internet for free, on our old website, and everything started…

6. How did you promote this album? Were there any concerts involved?

Yes, at the time, we played some gigs to promote it, and spread the word through the internet, thanks to a great fan base, quickly growing up.

7. With the release of the full-length album “The Dancefl-Horror: N.A.S.A. Vs I.N.R.I.”, your fan base got bigger. What was the public’s reaction to this material?

The public reacted well to that release, we recorded two songs, “N.A.S.A. (Not Antropomorph Space Assassin)” and “I.N.R.I. (In Necro Reality Interactive)” and we included six remixes, provided by great bands, the italian Ebm acts Syrian and XP8, the well known Mortiis and other industrial bands, and a bonus track: a strange acoustic psych version of our song “H.T.M.L.” we recorded late at night, in an intimistic atmosphere.
Many magazines and webzines reviewed the EP as top newcomer album and this was a great result.

8. Let’s talk a bit about “Grave New World”, my personal favorite T3chn0ph0b1a album. How did you come up with the name? Does it have any connection to Iron Maiden’s “Brave New World”? Also, what differs this album from the previous ones?

The only connection to Maiden’s album is that they took inspiration from the same book, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, a sci-fi novel written in 1931.
I was inspired by the heavily cynical attitude of his work, showing future times where humans sacrifice arts, feelings and individuality, through eugenics, to achieve the perfect, utopic, harmony. I used those themes, slightly changing the title in a funereal and gloomy way, as a starting-point for writing lyrics contained in this album. I was, obviously, not just talking about the human condition, I took inspirations from movies (for example Tobe Hooper’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, Lucio Fulci’s “Zombi 2”, David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome”, Jorg Buttgereit’s “Nekromantik”), and I included personal reflections, experiences and cyberpunk atmospheres. And, of course, a lethal dose of hatred against planet Earth.
“Grave New World” sounded more balanced, half metal half industrial, than our previous releases, in which the electronic side prevailed.

9. “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” was a huge surprise for your fans. I must ask: how does an industrial metal band decide to do a cover after a U2 song and include it as a bonus track on an album?

We prefer to record original songs rather than covers, but we decided to include “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” simply ‘cause this song is kickass and it fits perfectly with our music. Even if I’m not a big fan of U2, I loved this song so much when I was younger and I saw the videoclip.
We recorded this song in our style and it was funny to destroy Bono (a truly great singer) vocal lines and transform their hit into a dark blasting alien hymn…but I assure you that in our next album we’ll include an even more surprising cover song!

10. Regarding live shows, where have you performed so far? Do you have one concert or place you specifically loved? What are the songs T3chn0ph0b1a usually plays live?

We performed in many Italian cities, every concert has a particular charm, I can’t pick one I particularly loved…a great gig is where the crowd is loud, noisy and has fun.
We love to raise hell on stage, as long as the audience is cool, then we are fine!
Usually the setlist changes every time we play, except for the opener song, “Jaws, Claws & Exo-Skulls” and the last one, “Abduction Starfleet”. We also play songs from our old demo, arranged into our new sound.

11. You are working on a new material, right? What can you tell me about that? have you set a release date already? Also, is a record label taking care of the production of this album?

Right, we are working on a new album, provisionally titled “We Are of Peace. Never.”. No release date, yet, since we are actually working on the pre-production and demo versions of some songs and we are still writing stuff; the album will include 12 or 13 original songs, a couple of bonus tracks and, at the moment, we want to self-produce it and record the entire album in our personal recording studio, supervised by 5k0tt…he’s also a great sound engineer.
I can’t anticipate you many details but the sound will be different from our previous releases, the synthesizers are less orchestral and more ‘groovy’ , the atmospheres and lyrics are epic but forged in anger, ‘cause I’m pissed off and tired of what I see every day around me and it’s time to spit it out, in the face of mankind. So, expect something violent and apocalyptic but melodic and catchy at the same time.

12. The industrial scene is a relatively new one in Europe. Is it difficult to be a band with such a unique style in a musical area that is only starting to develop?

More than difficult, considering the fact that we come from Italy, a country where, mainly, playing pop music or soft rock is the only way to get some attention. But talking about Italy, I honestly don’t give a fuck about it…you like us? Thank you very much. You don’t like us? Keep on listening to your sweet crap you call ‘music’.
In Europe, differently, the industrial scene is healthy, firmly based, and many bands are successful…yeah, metalheads don’t like the electronic contamination, but, for example, in Germany, Eastern Europe and UK, the listeners are open minded and they enjoy the new styles.

13. What are your plans for the near future? Other than the new album, what should your fans expect?

We’re working on a couple of projects for our first official videoclip and our song “Gene.sys” was just included in the soundtrack of a great independent science fiction movie, titled “R.O.A.C.H.” (http://www.roachthemovie.com/).
We also planned to release a web single after this long hot nuclear summer: a song taken from the new album, probably the song “Screaming In Streaming”, the first one we totally completed, at the moment. Probably we’ll include in the single the re-recordings of two songs taken from our first demo “Albedo Level: 0%”.

14. Thank you very much for your time! Any last words for your fans and for the readers of Synthetic Revolution?

Thank you for supporting our music and don’t forget to join our official profiles to stay updated:
Be part of the alien conspiracy!


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