The Secret Meeting – Ultrashiver ( 2007 )



Darkwave/ Electronic/ Shoegaze







The Secret Meeting is a remarkable project that brings together the best of 2 bands, being a collaboration between kaRIN and Statik from the band Collide and Dean Garcia, the mastermind behind Curve. Together, these artists bring to light a type of music that is, at the same time, familiar and refreshingly new, something that fans of both bands involved will surely love. Released in 2007, “Ultrashiver” is the album that put The Secret Meeting on the music market and brought them positive reactions from fans and critics as well.

“Ultrashiver” can be seen as one of the best ways to describe the concept of shoegaze, the term most often used to define the delirious sound that combines distorted guitar riffs with lush electronic atmospheres and deep, sensual, haunting vocals. It’s a very complex and heavily layered soundscape, an utter delight for those who enjoy good quality music and the moods designed by this particular kind of harmony. Listening to The Secret Meeting’s “Ultrashiver” is like taking a look in a very deep well that reveals mystery and darkness, but also a seductive fascination towards the unknown.

The album consists of 10 tracks that are simply irresistible for darkwave and electronic fans who will, however, be surprised by the intoxicating vibe infused with every passing song. “Ultrashiver” holds both charm and depth and it presents the best musical qualities of all the dedicated people involved in its production, who were driven by the desire to create something great.

The basic structure of “Ultrashiver” leans on an outline of guitar, bass and drum  mixtures, but the electronics are what give the album its sharp and modern edge. The synth lines build up in tempo to create an increasingly dynamic atmosphere in each track. Shimmering electronic modulations are proof of Statik’s compositional genius, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to this album, and the vast palette of rock instrumentals controlled by Dean Garcia only comes to complete this outstanding sound. Still, the eerie, warm, ethereal feeling that kaRIN’s voice produces must be the most unique aspect of this project, which Collide fans are already more than familiar with.

“Ultrashiver” is an album full of seductive textures and unexpected mood changes, with tracks so skillfully produced that it is almost useless to pick a favorite one and luxurious atmospheres carefully built layer by layer. The Secret Meeting’s music has the power to caress the ears, while simultaneously drawing responses from the body that reacts almost automatically to the rhythm changes. The band couldn’t have chosen a better name for an album that can really make you shiver of pleasure. It’s addictive, dreamy and it’s a secret that truly must be shared!



~ by laurieind on September 19, 2011.

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