Sybreed – Antares ( 2007 )



Industrial Metal/ Cyber Metal/ Industrial






Released in 2007, “Antares” is the second album from the Swiss industrial metal band Sybreed. “Antares” is the sequel to their first success, “Slave Design”, an album that was highly appreciated by fans. However, “Antares” brings a new dimension of brutality in the band’s musical style, borrowing elements from death, as well as black metal, without neglecting the synthetic aspect of the industrial metal genre.

A special guest on this album is Dirk Verbeuren, Soilwork’s amazing drummer, who gladly accepted to record for “Antares” along with the official members of Sybreed. The result of this collaboration is astonishing. Compared to their previous album, “Antares” is a far more violent piece, but the melodic aspect of the music is also well taken care of by the increased use of clean vocals and touching instrumental sequences. Also, the electronic touch of the cyber metal sound makes Sybreed a band easily distinguishable among other similar ones.

When you listen to it from the beginning to the end, “Antares” tells a story of human decay. The conceptual lyrics revolve around themes like vanity, lies, ignorance and the misery of modern life in general.

“Emma-0” opens the album with an extremely brutal sound. The lyrics, as well as the vocal parts give this track great force of expression. Growls combined with clean vocals start to tell the story of a superior mind sick of shallowness and alienation.  Throughout the album, the idea is continued and analyzed  even more, every song being a step forward to a new realization. The beautiful instrumental track “Ex-Inferis” is the turning point of the album, because the following song, “Permafrost”, represents the decision on the superior mind to free itself from the world through death. The idea that denial is the best cure for all the surrounding misery is recurrent in the lyrics, and in the end death seems to be the final step to happiness and redemption.

“Orbital” and “Twelve Megatons Gravity” present lyrics that take the listeners into a new universe, one where the mind is truly free from all the suffering and able to transcend and become something more.

Completely opposing the anger expressed in “Emma-0”, the final song of the album, “Ethernity”, is a calm, mostly instrumental one, with no violence in the lyrics nor music. Through this song, Sybreed wants to show that the whole story told by this album has a happy ending, even though death usually doesn’t seem like one. The spirit revives, awakens, is reborn in a new, pure form.

From a musical point of view, the instruments tell the same story as the lyrics. Starting powerful, with guitar riffs inspired from black metal, fast and technical drums masterly played by Dirk Verbeuren, the album progressively turns into a melodic one, with more obvious electronic influences and throbbing synth lines that blend with the roughness of the metal instrumental parts. Considering this evolution, one could say that there are 3 essential tracks for “Antares”: “Emma-0”, the brutal beginning, “Ex-Inferis”, the turning point and “Ethernity”, the grand finale.

Mixing astonishing instrumental sounds which are both brutal and melodic, very technical and impressive electronic sequences, a voice that presents a lot of variations and lyrics that tell a philosophic story many can relate to, “Antares” can be considered the crowning glory of Sybreed’s discography so far. It is a modern album from every point of view and it defines the fairly new cyber metal concept perfectly, being like a breath of fresh air for listeners who are always looking for a new musical experience, regardless if they are metal fans or electronic enthusiasts.



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