Rabbit Junk – This Life Is Where You Get Fucked ( 2008 )




Digital Hardcore/ Electronic







If you are a music addict who can never limit your tastes to just one music genre, Rabbit Junk’s “This life is where you get fucked” is going to be a heck of an experience for your ears.

Rabbit Junk entered the musical scene in 2004 with a self-recorded, self-titled, full-length album. Former Shzit frontman, JP Anderson, added the vocalist Jeniffer “Sum Grrl” Bernett into the mixture and created a conceptual band, which draws influences from numerous genres. I can honestly say that Rabbit Junk is one of the most complex sound cocktails I have ever heard. The official terms used to describe the band’s exquisite sound are mostly hardclash and digital hardcore. With the release of their second album called “Reframe”, Rabbit Junk gained a stronger and broader fan base. However, their crowning glory is, without any doubt, “This life is where you get fucked”, an album released in 2008 by the Seattle two man band.

How could I even begin to describe this masterpiece of an album? “This life is where you get fucked” is so conceptual, you might think it’s crazy. Consisting of 12 songs organized in 3 separate suites which are only very loosely tied together, the album combines sounds that would normally have nothing to do with each other. However, Rabbit Junk takes the risk and comes up with an amazing material, meant to satisfy fans of many different musical styles.

“The Struggle” is the first part of the album. It contains a 10 second intro, named “Transmission 1”, followed by 3 brain-busting tracks. Best described as pure rage put on music, this first part combines elements of post-hardcore and nu-metal with stunning electronic beats and synthetic sounds. The mixture is pure awesomeness and expresses the strength one needs in order to lead a perpetual struggle, with no victory and no redemption. The wild tempo variations are guaranteed to mess with your brain and the 2 contrasting voices will send shivers down your spine, especially when it comes to “Hero in Mr. Sholensk”, my personal favorite song from this album.

“Transmission 2” marks the beginning of the second part, “Ghetto Blasphemer”, perhaps the most intriguing musical and ideological combination ever thought of. As the band describes it, this suite is “a heresy against the pretty gods of sub-culture”. Who would have imagined that hip-hop beats go so well with the aggressive black metal screams and shredding guitar riffs in order to prove a point? Completely opposing genres, both musically and culturally, these 2 put together compliment each other perfectly, creating an element of shock and irony. Pure genius? Hell, yes!

Mixing punk-rock with techno and a dash of death metal for the crazy beats, the third suite called “This death is where you get life” is the final part of a great album. Speed, death and bikes are the themes around which the last songs revolve, stating that life is all about taking risks and laughing in the face of any obstacle.

What is most interesting about “This life is where you get fucked” is that the music speaks for itself, so you don’t even have to pay close attention to the lyrics. Anderson’s very versatile voice can range from typical punk-rock sound to the very difficult black metal growls and Jeniffer does nothing but complete this smashing mixture. Somehow, fans don’t even care about the repetitive and minimalistic lyrics, since the instrumental parts give them eargasms every time the album is played.

Drawing influences from a large set of genres, the music created by Rabbit Junk for “This life is where you get fucked” is a unique experience for any open-minded listener. This album deserves nothing less than a perfect score from an electronic enthusiast such as myself!



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